Helping others

the day that you blog goes two consecutive days with 0 views is the day that you realize you need to post something fast. so thats why as i am probably sacrificing my grade by the point in physics with each half hour i stay up, i am writing a new post for hopefully more viewers to come.
the title of this post sounds more sincere than it is. somehow with my friends and family and other acquaintances i have acquired over time i have become known as someone who knows a lot about all things audio/visual and then everything photo. this of course confuses me because i know the basic stuff like where to plug in cables and turn stuff on and how to run programs and i understand how to use them but i see myself as no genius. as for photo related stuff i know my way around the darkroom and am always willing to help others in there with troubles and also telling people how to use basic settings on their digital camera but still by no means am i a darkroom master or a digital camera genius. but helping others with their photo projects are two reasons that i havent posted in a week.
since my last post at first i just didnt have anything then over the weekend i got busy, i had a photoshoot of an adorable and awesome family and then i had to help my friends katie and emma finish their photo final project which was a stop motion, i dont have any picture to share of that though because they werent taken on my camera, and the final stop motion isnt on youtube so i cant even share that, sorry 😦
tuesday night however i helped my friends regan and mindy complete their photo final project which was a completely different shoot than the stop motion. we went to a school at 10 at night to do a writing with light theme of a shoot. using sparklers to create shapes, images, outlines, and just using them as an interesting way of lighting a scene.

my attempt at a skyline

my attempt at a skyline

the whole writing with light things is kinda hard but can create some amazing results. the slide picture was made with regan in the slide and four sparklers were taped inside the slide and then lit while regan held herself there. now im not saying the slide picture is the best one ever but i think its pretty damn cool. this was only my second attempt at writing with light too, my first attempt as seen above was in Dahlonega, GA on a church trip. i found it a lot easier to control the picture when i did it the first time because we used a flashlight instead of sparklers. the two mediums of light create two different effects t0o. the flashlight ones create just a glow and the images were more thought out and planned while the sparkler ones were spontaneous and we just tried to make what came in our head the second we lit them. both are good just different. i think i switched speaking tenses in this so sorry if it was hard to read but i hope you liked the photos
what do you guys think? have you tried writing with light? do you like doing it with flashlights or sparklers, or something completely different?


About crosby stills and flash

I'm 17 and going into my senior year of high school. I shoot film and digital. i have a nikon d60, a mamiya rb67 (for sale make an offer), and a 35mm nikkormatt. enjoy the photos
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  1. Paul says:

    The slide and the tunnel one near the end are B.A.

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