tuesday = best day

so tuesday was probably one of the best days ive had in a while, quiet possibly ever just because of how many good thing happened
it started off with me sleeping in just because exams are over and i dont have to go in on the make up exam days at school, however i did go in (late) to help my photo teacher ms holder clean up the class where i spend all my time. in the midst of cleaning the big find was a 4×5 view camera, we didnt have any film for it at the moment so we didnt get to use it but i still think its awesome and ill get to use it next year as long as i buy some film. after a couple hours of cleaning it was time to go because our breaking point is filling up the two big trash cans that we have, but on the way out i decided to be bold and ask if i could borrow the TLR camera the school has for the summer. out of luck mr holder was fine with it so now i have this for the summer:

Mamiya TLR

Mamiya TLR

in addition i have my Mamiya RB67 which is good for landscape photos it just weights about 20 pounds.
after i left school i went over to MPCC where the only bad thing happened that day which was still pretty minor, i went inside to talk to people and when i came back to my car the antenna was bent down, which proceeded to break off today as in the day after, but i got over it. went home and ate lunch. after lunch i headed to biggs camera, to drop off my film. whenever i am there though i look at the used gear, usually just the lenses but i had found out half an hour before that the camera repair shop in charlotte couldnt repair my 35mm camera so i was going to half to buy a new one, while looking at the cameras a lady came in with four used camera, out of ridiculous coincidence one of the cameras she brought it was the exact same one as what i had except everything worked. the lady who i had wished i got her name, was trying to sell the cameras and i pipped in and told her what had happened to me, after she was finished talking with the people at biggs she talked to me and asked if i wanted to buy the camera off of her, i was stunned out of how perfect this was, i offered her 70 dollars but she said she only wanted 50 because i was a student and selling the camera gets it off her hands and into mine, ironically i had just cashed a check from my last shoot that was for 50 dollars, and she needed the money. she even left the 50mm F:1.4 lens on it.

new used replacement camera

new used replacement camera

everything worked out so well that day and wednesday went almost as well: slept in, got chick-fila, went to school to clean, poured out 40 year old chemicals that i think burned my nose and throat, went to south-park got on the tea train (im switching from coke to tea (BTDUBS that shits expensive, i am (my mom is) already out 80 dollars and ive only got 8oz of loose tea and a french press))

loose tea (green and something fruity (peach and mango)) and a french press

loose tea (green and something fruity (peach and mango)) and a french press

, anywho the antenna on the car broke off, went to MPCC, went home and ate, went to biggs, sold the lens that came on the camera that i bought yesterday making me have only paid 25 dollars to replace my 35mm camera, bought a new digital 50mm F:1.8 lens and then ordered 50 prints for which i a coupon for making them all free, and then 50 guys for dinner.
oh yeah there was also a wreck outside my house to day it was a t-bone collision, my thoughts go out to them and i hope they are all ok.
so a pretty crazy past 5 days or so, montreat in the weekend, eoc monday which a got a 95 on, tuesday = best day, and wednesday was eventful with highs and semi-lows
enjoy the rest of the week i think i will


About crosby stills and flash

I'm 17 and going into my senior year of high school. I shoot film and digital. i have a nikon d60, a mamiya rb67 (for sale make an offer), and a 35mm nikkormatt. enjoy the photos
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