Project 96

what is this rectangular box i have posted before you, why its a roll of medium format film which will be my film of choice in my summer project. Project 96 came to me two days ago when i was getting really excited for montreat and the rest of my trips in general. but why do i love all these summer trips, because i get to meet tons of new people. Montreat especially is one of the places where you can meet 100’s of new people just from all the activities that are available to connect with others. but all these new people i meet i want to take it one step further than a random conversation and possible facebook friend request and then not talking to you until next summer if all that even happens. i want to take this a step further by getting a portrait of 96 of the new people i meet. the four main places i plan to be meeting new people and taking portraits are montreat NC, anywhere the ASP project takes me in tennesse, and presbyterian college in clinton SC. Ill be in montreat for two full weeks during two of the biggest weeks so that is were a majority of these portrait will be taken.

the goal: take 96 portraits of 96 new people i meet this summer

the gear: that mamiya C220 that im borrowing for the summer from school is my camera of choice, the fact that it shoots squares makes for great portraits. ill be using the film pictured above, i have 8 rolls of it that each get 12 shots making for 96 pictures. ill be metering with my d60 and 50mm F:1.8 lens

so whats going to happen to these pictures after i take them?

so yeah you might be thinking at this point “what is crosby going to do 96 portraits of new people he meets this summer?” but thats where the connecting part of this project comes into play, when i take someones picture, im going to get their contact info, as in their address. at the end of the summer i will develop all this film print an 8×10 of each picture and ship it out to whoever the picture is of. i figure everyone loves getting mail, and a lot of people like having tangible, printed pictures. so by sending out these pictures i can make people happy and thats what i really like to do just make people happy as long as it doesnt make me unhappy.


i cant have met you before, plain and simple, i love to meet new people and this seems like a good way to do it. oh yeah and if i take your picture, you dont owe me anything just enjoy the picture, and maybe write me back and tell me whats new in your life.

last questions?

so what if you have met me before and and want a print sent to you. well photo paper is expensive and im not actually sure how much i have of 8×10 paper. but i have lots of 5×7 paper, and 35mm film so ill take a 35 and send you a 5×7 still plain and simple. this way people should still be happy.

somehow i feel like ive left a lot out, the project starts tomorrow though (sunday june 12) because this will be my first big day of travel.  if you have any questions please ask because i enjoy Q&A stuff.

hope to see you this summer



About crosby stills and flash

I'm 17 and going into my senior year of high school. I shoot film and digital. i have a nikon d60, a mamiya rb67 (for sale make an offer), and a 35mm nikkormatt. enjoy the photos
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