the interlude

i started writing about my montreat experience earlier today but i didnt finish that before i had to drive back to charlotte so ill post all that stuff tomorrow. but a quick sidenote post about something ive become obsessed with in the past week besides the bernie dance.

anywho while in montreat one day after small group there was a flash mob that outside anderson auditorium which if you dont know what that is then google everything i just said and youll find results. but anyway the flash mob was to a dance called the interlude by attach attach which is just a crazy techno song, i think it could be the next sandstorm. the interlude has an actual dance that goes with it that i picked up on pretty quickly considering i wasnt part of the planning of the flash mob and i had never heard of the dance or the song before that moment. but it was an awesome thing to be a part of and hopefully the video of it will be posted soon. ive been youtubing the song like crazy though and i came across this story

ive never been in support of war and i will never join the army but i am always in support of those who are willing to go out and fight the wars that we are in.

the flash mob this year was about 15 people big and i want to change that and im all for change, meeting people and big projects. so next summer montreat week three lets say tuesday in moore field i would as many people, lets hope for 500 atleast to be doing this dance 30 min after second small group. so if you are reading this and you think there is any chance of you being in montreat week three learn the dance. then after you learn the dance tell everyone who you think might be in montreat week three next year about this by sending them this post or atleast the post to this link, ill make a facebook page later this week after i post all the stuff about the conference from this year. so i think this will work and be awesome, and oh last thing since this will be outside and montreat tends to get rain atleast once a week, if it is raining on tuesday it will be moved to thursday at the same time in the same place, if it is raining on thursday it will be moved to friday same time same place all the minor detail ill work out in the next year, if you have any questions PLEASE feel free to ask them in the comment box on here.

this is the dance you need to learn enjoy and ill see you next year if not sooner


About crosby stills and flash

I'm 17 and going into my senior year of high school. I shoot film and digital. i have a nikon d60, a mamiya rb67 (for sale make an offer), and a 35mm nikkormatt. enjoy the photos
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