montreat conference week 3 day 1

i know i havent blogged in a while and my excuse was i was in montreat living up the conference life, granted i did have my laptop but i was too tired at 2 in the morning to type a blog post, so i took notes during the week and these posted and pictures will hopefully give you an idea of the conference if not just come itll be the best week of your life so here we go
sunday night, conference didnt start till i got to opening keynote, thats just how i felt we had been in montreat since about 2 but there wasnt much to do until opening keynote so thats were im starting. anywho, last year we got awful seat and we i really wanted better ones this year so i waited in a sweat inducing hallway to get good seats.



once i got seats i immediately started seeing people i knew so shout outs to meg s, sarah p, macy c, kari (in photo) and catherine e.

meeting old friends

meeting old friends

once things started happening was when stuff got really fun as always keynote started with energizers which were as follows: revolution, share the wealth, numa numa.
if youve ever done energizers though in a room with around 1200 people its gonna get hot or as i said in the moment hot as fuck so i guess i was sweaty again.
next we met the keynoters: meg and jarrett which i wasnt even sure about their name when i wrote this originally and now ive actually got to know them decently well.
next we met the haitian dancers from port au price haiti. they were really awesome and their names were bill and walnes. very cool guys. thats drummed and danced. i also got to know them pretty well this week
after that someone who works in the conference named carol gave us some rules, i dont have much to say thats good about her/that so ill just stop there
finally we got to some music. which a cheesy anderson idol introduction the musician jeff came out who i also didnt know his name at the time but sang some good songs which were as follows: open the eyes of my hear, searching for the signal (theme song 1), we search for you (theme song 2), and then kumbaya.

jeff harper music leader

jeff harper music leader

the last intro was a snuggie intro for bruce reyes chow but it didnt really make since so oh well.

bruce the preacher

bruce the preacher

afterwards i spent liek 2 hrs talking to my friend sarah dianne that i met in the middle school youth conference at pc and now we are just awesome friends which is great.

i have many notes from the devotion/backhome group meeting from the first night i think i stopped taking notes after that night though because most of the stuff was too personal and a lot of this is but i will share what was funny that will also make sense to you

and as i just read everything on one page no one but those in my group would understand but on the second page there is some better stuff
at the top the lyrics to the barbara steisand song by duck sauce are written so i guess that was stuck in my head. below that it says: “what does searching for a signal mean. (this was our conference theme) finding yourself as a teen and where god wants us to be. find yourself. keep trying to contact go.” the example was brought up by one stating that god was like the cell phone tower always sending out his love or a “signal” and we are his people always there and with a cell phone more or less but not always receiving his signal because we are in a “dead zone” or our battery is dead. it was a cool metaphor to view and i really liked it. after that is one long prayer that i dont want to type out nor should i but i continue to pray for those written in the journal and hope they are ok.

day two is soon to come.

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I'm 17 and going into my senior year of high school. I shoot film and digital. i have a nikon d60, a mamiya rb67 (for sale make an offer), and a 35mm nikkormatt. enjoy the photos
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