montreat conference week 3 day 2

monday was a much different day than sunday. but to quote the first thing i wrote that day “Overslept         but still got good seats” so i guess i did well and i probably made friends while waiting in the hallway but i have no idea maybe next year ill try to write down everything i do like i assume girls do in the diary but thats assuming which always leads to horrible things so well just move on to what i wrote in the conference journal

Energizers: wavin flag, ants marching, morse code one
directors cam out: announcements
even though the directors were at opening keynote i didnt write anything about them probabaly because i was laughing so much clarisse is pretty much one of the funniest people i have met and her counterpart co-director (katie?) balanced her well but this picture is of them from opening keynote



the tv thing was part of the searching for a signal theme. anywho
the next thing i wrote is not appropriate for here incase the person its written about reads it so we’ll skip that.
conference president: dont mislead people. tell mr pres you name and city. blah blah blah. (i assume we all shouted stuff at him but then he got really boring)
People in montreat = old bad drivers
music: bonce, shout to the north, theme song 1, theme song 2, lord i lift your name on high
Keynotes: missing?
whats a keynote: not singing. Meg and jarrett sharing their faith story.
jarretts first date: sexy in the 70’s. doubting thomas about a girl. preacher yells “just go for it”
i have no idea what missing thing was it was just written there, but the jarretts first date story was funny it actually took place in montreat when he was a teen, and the dating scene is always alive in montreat something about that conference makes everyone looks better idk, ive never had the balls to ask someone out there but it can never hurt to yell. montreat is also the place where you can kinda just yell anything and no one takes offense unless its something that is intended to be mean/offensive then your just a horrible person and in the wrong place buddy so please leave and either grow up or dont come back. anywho with jarrett. some cute girl was on his trip so his friend though he should ask her out and the preacher yelled just go for it and he did and it worked so YAY.
anywho back to whats actually written: tag team keynoting (sidenotes – meg lived in charlotte) searching – loosing your direction. knowing where you are but are still lost. not knowing if we matter. who am i. [meg] moved when she was 16. awkward and sad and scared. lost at lunch and an old camp friend invited her in.
haitian drummer time.
i guess i was too mesmerized to get a picture
then bill one of the two from haiti told his story from the earthquake
bills story: in haiti during earthquake. told kids to get off the roof. he stayed on the roof. felt building shake and collapsed. fell 80 ft. asked god for help. (incarnation is written at the top of the page i dont know why) big tree next to house held all the concrete for (i think i meant from) falling on him. didnt want to cut down tree but had to. carved an angel out of tree.
i wish i got a picture of the angel, not only because ive probably partially lost your interest at this point but also because  the statue looked really cool.
other guys story. around neighborhood. was told about bill.
shockingly even though this story was told a week ago and i only wrote three sentances about it i can retell it decently. the guy who told the story is walnus. he was also in haiti during the earthquake but around the neighborhood. not close enough to the orphanage to be hurt when it fell. but when the earthquake was over he ran to the orphanage because he heard that someone had been hurt. when he found out it was bill he was really sad (sorry i cant think of a better word but its 1 am) thats the gist of the story though.

after their stories

after their stories

elementary school. baby jessica stuck in a well. nation rejoiced when saved.
doby has no master dobys a free elf bitches
luke chapter 2
heather and patrick acted out the christmas story (luke chapter 2) via energizer moves
becoming a person is birth.
incarnation (i guess this was our theological word of the day) – becoming a person / body.
bodies are frail
disregard^ (confused) to go find something. finding ourselves.
moles of mexico city. families trapped in buildings during earthquake. search and rescue took long so they did it themselves. locate survivors in rubble and burrow a tunnel to the person to be quick.
extraordinary love and care (is what the moles of mexico city show?)
love god has for us for incarnation.
Luke 2: christmas in july
sidenote: i can see lindsey layendecker and 3 people i stood in line with are now asleep (so i guess i did make friends in line i just dont remember who they are sorry)
god is searching for us. god will never leave us. prayer. gods love is so big that it takes on flesh and searches and finds us. grateful whether we know it or not.
questions games: i think we played this at lunch. the questions game is where you sit in a circle and ask questions clockwise. if you laugh stutter, answer the question that was just asked to you, or repeat a question that was already asked then your out. it starts to get really funny it also has to get fast and thats what makes it funny. these are funny blurbs from it:
will – why do crosby’s farts smell like spaghetti
will spills glass of water [with a pillow]
maggie – WILLIAM JOHN oh no its tinkling on the carpet.
maggie is my age and will is a year below me so this is why it was so funny i guess.
neeley is my youth leader and i guess shes game for stuff when we pressure her enough even though shes 27 and i though above stuff like this but i guess not. soooo here you go

oh neeley

oh neeley

oh neeley, we gave her a tounge tattoo from this place called quick trip in i guess georgia is where they are but they are really nice convience stores anyway will loved them and got these and still had them from the winter i guess i dont know but this is where everything came to

i know this was a lot so hopefully i didnt bore you if i did oh well come again another time or read a different post normally this is a photo blog, right now im just sharing montreat stuff. the notes from worship are another three pages so i wont put that are post of this post. i would like to share that though and everything in this book because it is my blog  and im not really concerned about how many reader i have. so ill write that when i wake up.

crosby stills and flash/crosbitro/crobsee


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I'm 17 and going into my senior year of high school. I shoot film and digital. i have a nikon d60, a mamiya rb67 (for sale make an offer), and a 35mm nikkormatt. enjoy the photos
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