montreat conference week 3 day 2 part 2

Monday night worship. I’m sure there are pictures and stories from the middle of monday between keynote and worship not including what i shared from lunch, but I’m really just trying to post everything from my notebook and get through monday so I’m just going to tell about worship.

Music: Theme song 1, Glory to god, Let justice flow, and Come, Now is the time to worship. Susan said she doesn’t like this song, but, when we start singing she immediately changes her mind and says she loves this songs but i guess that is typical Susan.
Processional – I still haven’t found what I’m looking for – by U2.
Call to worship.
Scipture – Exodus 2:15-19
Moses was a basket case. < I wrote this because the scripture is talking about the story of moses and how he was left in a basket to die or be found or whatever his mother intended. Either way i saw this on a sign one time and thought it was really funny. The main part of Exodus 2 is moses grown up. Something about him striking down and killing someone or witnessing that, for me its really hard to pay attention to scripture not a lot of it is that exciting to me. There is also something in there about Moses watered the flock and fighting the Egyptians, but once again I’m not really sure.
Bruce Reyes-Chow ladies and gentlemen. < no one actually said that it sounded funny at the moment. He was anxious but at the same time looked relaxed is guess thats what preaching for years will do I don’t know.
we just sit there and listen.

bruce preaching

bruce preaching

He went to seminary right after college but he felt he didnt need to be there. he went to humor the church because thats what they wanted.
At his first church there was some really old lady there told him “what a big voice for such a little man.”
You are not one. We are a family. How god is calling/ for us.
Then i tuned out for a while i guess i was tired. When I tuned back in Bruce was talking about some Joseph in the bible and how he was Pharaoh.  He died and a new pharaoh came in that was concerned with/about the kingdom. The kingdom was growing, i guess to fast. Two of the midwives in the kingdom are asked to kill all the boys that are born. Moses comes into this now because his mom doesn’t want him killed so she puts him in a basket. Moses is picked up by the pharaohs daughter. Once again i tuned out to listen to Jordan. Moses was brought back to his Mom. Moses later in life sees his people being beaten by some tyrants of a guard or whatever. Moses looks around to make sure no one is looking and goes apeshit on the guard/egyptian. Obviously the bible doesn’t say this but think that this is more or less what the bible is saying is hilarious. Moses ends up killing the guy which back then I think wasn’t that big of a deal.
Zapora = Moses wife.
watering the flock. I zoned out again so I have no idea what watering the flock has to do with anything at all maybe it symbolizes moses giving life to the sheep and then the sheep provide food and life for the herders I have no idea. Anywho. Value the life. The Daughter gives moses life by saving him from the terrors of the river.

Well this truly is starting to bore me and if its boring me its most likely boring you. so knowing that i dont know how to document/ write about a conference im going to stop. if you are really interested in what i wrote please just ask me to borrow this notebook. for the rest of the conference stuff i think ill just send pictures because thats what im good at pictures not writing. Maybe one day I’ll just marry someone who like english that will help me write and ill provide the pictures.

SO for the rest of monday and week 3 of the conference here are pictures to summarize the week.



I guess we had communion monday. i dont remember it but the date on this picture is monday.

the goonies

the goonies

this is part of my small group from last year. we loved each other like crazy. or atleast thats what i thought but this is everyone we could find for a group meet and group picture it was kinda cool but at the same time disappointing because we thought we would get everyone but i guess not.

after this it was curfew/backhome group time so that meant bed time.


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I'm 17 and going into my senior year of high school. I shoot film and digital. i have a nikon d60, a mamiya rb67 (for sale make an offer), and a 35mm nikkormatt. enjoy the photos
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