Living through a Hurricane: Puerto Rico 2011

Our family vacation this year we decided to switch it up from the beaches of North Carolina and travel down south to the Island of Puerto Rico. It was quite an experience, going from the rainforest, to the beach, to the capitol of San Juan to waiting out Hurricane Irene in our hotel room.
Unfortunately I have no photos from the aftermath of Hurricane Irene in Puerto Rico, my restrictions by my parents make it hard for a 17 year old in a foreign land to go out on dangerous adventures. I did still wait out the hurricane in our hotel and it makes for a much better title. I still got some great photos in Puerto Rico, just while everything was still sunny and nice


Downtown San Juan

Downtown San Juan

Street Address
Seaside Pillar






Your Parting Shot: Puerto Rico Rainforest River


This picture was actually taken at the beginning of the trip but it didn’t fit with the rest of the photos and I feel it is a much stronger image than the rest.



About crosby stills and flash

I'm 17 and going into my senior year of high school. I shoot film and digital. i have a nikon d60, a mamiya rb67 (for sale make an offer), and a 35mm nikkormatt. enjoy the photos
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